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Physical cards are shipped for free in the mail. But, according to Raise. In fact, the website has been featured on Inc. The website offers a huge range of discounted cards for more than well-known retailers. The site provides both physical and online gift certificates in the form of gift codes that can only be redeemed online. You can purchase both electronic gift cards, which can only be redeemed online, and physical cards on the website. But, you can print certain electronic gift cards out, and use them instore.

Also, Cardpool offers a refer a friend program. CardCash may very well be the biggest secured GC exchange site, especially considering that in it acquired PlasticJungle at the time the biggest site in the industry. You can find both physical and electronic cards on the website. The electronic cards can be redeemed online, but they can also be printed out and used instore. The website offers free shipping , and gift cards generally arrive in between one and five working days. The site is one of the best, as it offers some of the biggest discounts — in fact, you can get GCs at up to It gathers the best deals from dozens of gift card exchange websites.

In early , the company bought one of the biggest sites in the industry, Gift Card Castle. CardHub is a website that specializes in credit cards and prepaid cards — but, it also offers discount gift cards too. This easy to use website provides discount gift cards for a huge selection of popular retailers. There are tons of places online where you can find discounted gift cards — here are some of the best.

On this forum, you can trade your unwanted gift cards with cash with other users. There are also plenty of guides available, to ensure that the process is as easy and as safe as possible. If you eat out a lot, then check out sites, like Restaurant. These websites offer gift cards, discounts, and gift certificates for a wide range of restaurants. At Restaurant. If you use the right credit card, you can actually get money back when you purchase gift cards at the grocery store. So, rather than purchasing a card at a beauty supply store or an electronics store, check to see if you can buy the same card at the grocery store instead.

Certain companies actually give their employees, and their friends and family members discounts and deals. Warehouse clubs already have products at pretty great prices. But, did you know that you can also find discounted gift cards at warehouse stores, like Costco? With this program, you get points that you can redeem for gift cards for places like Home Depot and Gap.

If you fly frequently, then you can use frequent flier miles to get gift cards. With it, they'll never miss another episode of "This Is Us" again. Gift them all conceivable forms of tech, and let them choose the personal details like color and model. Let them custom frame one of their best memories. It's something they'll probably never shell out for on their own, but they'll love having around the house.

Macy's has just about everything you could need for life or home, and they can stop by in person to shop or surf the selection at home on the couch. This actually is the way to just give them money. You can leave it up to them to find the purchase that will make their life better, and you can feel good knowing you made it happen.

SoulCycle has become its own cultural movement in recent years. If they absolutely love going to spin classes, it's more thoughtful to make it easier to do an activity they already love than buy something new that they may never use. Especially if they're a student, or if food is a big expense, they'll appreciate the help in a practical area of their life — especially if it's to a spot like Whole Foods where they can use their Prime benefits for extra savings on fresh food that's already pretty affordable. Perfect for frequent travelers, and even better for family members who see trips home as opportunities to score more miles on their go-to airline.

It's also easier than booking a trip for them yourself.

Have gift cards lying around that you know you’ll never use? Exchange them for cash or better ones.

If they travel by train most frequently, there's also an Amtrak gift card. Groupon's daily deals include everything from pottery classes to beauty services to travel and fitness. Make sure they keep going to see live music, plays, and sporting events by grabbing them a gift card to the place that houses all those tickets. Crew has some of the best quality and style for the price for the basics. It also has frequent sales, meaning they may get more value out of their gift card. This is an easy way to empower someone else to give to a charity close to their heart.

You can designate the funds for up to three charities of your choice from the online list of over major charities and many local causes totaling over 1, in all. For ease of navigation, they're categorized into main themes like disaster relief, hunger and poverty, and the elderly, among others.


Gift cards for apparel are particularly useful, since you may not know imperative details like shoe size. If you know they love a brand, or have been pining after their own bean boots, this is a nice way to make it happen without tipping them off. HelloFresh is a meal kit delivery service that drops off fresh ingredients for delicious home-cooked meals. It makes week time prep easier, and it helps amateur and experienced cooks conveniently expand their repertoire.

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Let them explore great wine without worrying about the expense. MOUTH sends delicious small-batch, indie food products to help small businesses grow and make it more convenient for the average person to discover the best new goods. Subscribe to our newsletter. Find all the best offers at our Coupons page. Disclosure: This post is brought to you by the Insider Picks team.

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19 Best Places to Buy Discounted Gift Cards (Up to 90% Off)

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Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. It symobilizes a website link url. We then assigned a letter grade corresponding to whether the website had cards available for purchase from those retailers. We also used the Better Business Bureau to make sure these gift card exchange websites are legitimate. A gift card is essentially like cash you can only spend at a specific store.

You use the card until the balance is gone and then discard it, though some retailers allow you to add more money to the card so you can continue spending with it. Not all stores allow you to reload existing cards, and there's a chance the store could give you a new gift card every time you want to add money. If a retailer tries to charge you a fee for using a gift card, we recommend using another method of payment or simply shopping elsewhere.

Prepaid cards are designed to be reloadable, and as such, they sometimes carry fees. These cards are often available from credit card companies like Visa and can be used on everyday expenses. Or, you can avoid this quagmire altogether and opt for a gift card. Some websites deal only in digital gift cards. These codes can then be used for online shopping, though most retailers will let you use them in person at the cash register if you have all the required information like the full card number and activation code. Another thing to keep in mind when deciding between digital and physical gift cards is how organized you are.

If dozens of punch cards and gift cards tend to get lost and forgotten in your wallet, a digital card will be much more useful. This too depends on the retailer and demand for that card. While our tests looked for three well-known gift card retailers across all websites, we acknowledge this is flawed because those cards could reappear or disappear from any site at any time. When you're looking at gift card exchange websites check out Cardpool, which offers Amazon gift cards in exchange for cards from retailers you don't buy from. Walmart was the second most preferred gift card, followed by Target and then Starbucks.

Keep this in mind if you're shopping but don't know what kind of gift card to get a friend or loved one. These retailers are very popular, so the odds are this card will get used. Amazon knocked Walmart out of the No.

Usually displayed on large stands, you can oftentimes purchase gift cards from numerous retailers without having to visit the store itself. These cards usually work for restaurants or businesses that are owned by the same or partner companies. These cards are great if you're unsure what kind of card to get a person or simply don't know much about what they like to eat or buy.

Along with more customer choice, these kinds of cards are good because you're protected in case one store or restaurant closes. They also don't have any fees. You might feel safe and secure using your debit and credit cards at everyday retailers or big box stores, but some of the largest companies have experienced data breaches that left consumers vulnerable.

In December , Target confirmed the credit and debit card information of roughly 40 million customers had been stolen. The number of customers affected later increased to 70 million.

5 Ugly Truths About Discount Gift Card Websites Everyone Should Know

If you shopped at Best Buy in September or October of , you also may have had your information stolen. Gift cards can help you avoid having your identity or information stolen. Simply purchase gift cards at retailers you frequent with cash and use them like debit cards. This eliminates the need to use a credit or debit card and potentially put your personal information in a vulnerable position. You can also use gift card exchange websites to acquire gift cards and use them to make everyday purchases at stores you frequent. There are a lot of things you can do with a gift card once you've used it.

The Balance Everyday , part of Dotdash publishing, recommends putting more money on the card and giving it away as a gift. Cards with beautiful patterns or designs can even be cut into shapes and used as design or scrapbooking embellishments.

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You can also easily turn an old gift card into a stencil with a pair of scissors. In addition, cutting a jagged or curved edge makes an empty gift card a great pottery tool. This Old House , a home builders website, has a lot of home improvement uses for old gift cards. For example, they're extremely handy to have in your pocket to use as a straight edge. You can also use a gift card to glue down loose tiles rather than getting a trowel dirty. In addition, the website says gift cards can be used to smooth out air bubbles in wallpaper or to caulk your tub, and you can use one as a miniature paint shield in tight spots.

Pinterest users have also compiled a long list of alternative uses for gift cards, including using them as the covers for mini journals, cutting them into shapes to make magnets or recycling them as guitar picks. If you have a sharp enough blade, you can even cut a gift card into a multipurpose tool to keep in your wallet. If you're looking to swap gift cards in an unofficial way, one option is Reddit's gift card exchange program. Note, however, that this swap program is merely a community of Reddit users following a set of guidelines.

The program is not officially run by a company.